About Barbara Buchanan

IMG_4300 From the first time she sounded chords on a keyboard at age 3, Barbara has been intrigued with the power of music. She composed her own tunes growing up, while immersed in classic rock & roll, along with hard rock and pop music, Broadway musicals and Big Band sounds of the 1940s, before she began classical studies.

Barbara’s formal music training began at age 8 with the study of the piano. At age 12 she added study of the oboe. She taught herself to play numerous other instruments-including flute and clarinet-while in secondary school, and arranged music for local groups. She attended the College of William & Mary where she studied music history and performed with the Orchestra. She later performed with the Levine School Youth Orchestra in Washington, D.C.

She took up study of music theory and composition after spending time in non-profit management. She has studied at Catholic University under the late composer Anthony Starke. She has also studied with renowned pianist and composer Haskell Small at the Washington Conservatory of Music. Barbara trained in conducting with the late Maestro Ruben Vartanyan, formerly a conductor of the Bolshoi Opera and assistant conductor to the legendary Herbert Von Karjan of the Vienna Philharmonic.

Barbara brings her own unique 21st century music style to independent film, concert stage and multi¬media performances. She is a member of the American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Comments & Reviews

[Sculptor Pattie Porter Firestone] invited a musician to work with her in filling the space with sound. It worked brilliantly. Barbara Buchanan’s computer-generated composition pulsated in a wave-like cadence that aurally mimicked the visual elements.”

Sculpture Magazine, June 2012

 Barbara’s musical composition enhanced the intention of my sculpture installation and filled the space with feeling. She adapted the orchestration to the unique acoustical needs of the outdoor concrete space to clearly communicate a moving experience for the audience. Thanks to Barbara, Seismic Dream was a very successful collaboration of art and music.

– Pattie Porter Firestone, sculptor